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Can Tester Job Contract

Can Tester Job Contract Template
Searching for can tester employment contract sample, this template example - ref.#15879 - provides a career reference guide to help you create and write an employment contract agreement letter for can tester using a simple format.

Can Tester Job Employment Contract

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Contracting for Job Title / Position: Can Tester

Job Duties and Responsibilities [are to]:

1) Tend can testing machine that automatically tests cans for leaks

2) Start machine plus observes operation of machine conveyor on which cans are carried through machine

3) Notify supervisor of defective operation of machine or conveyor

4) Verify accuracy of test machine, using standard test can

5) Place rejected cans on water tester pulls lever to inject water into cans to indicate leaks

6) Mark location of leaks for can repairer, using crayon

7) May apply flux to inside of ear clincher or side seams of can, using flux applicator reheat soldered seams under gas flame to seal leaks

8) May reshape bent or dented cans on metal form with mallet

9) May reheat soldered seams under gas flame to seal leaks

10) May record number of cans rejected repaired

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* Note: the signatures declare that this (contract) has been (agreed) from both the (employer) and the (employee) for the hiring of can tester job position.
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