Brusher Employment Contract

brusher employment contract
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Brusher Employment Contract Sample
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Job Title: "Brusher"
Example Ref#: Employment Contract (#JOB406474)
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Sample Employment Contract For Brusher

employer...employer adderss...
employee...employee adderss... of work...
Job title: Brusher
Duties and responsibilities [are to]:

1) Inspect finished or partially finished hats, caps, hat parts, and also millinery for defects damage, and also repairs less extensive flaws

2) Examine articles for irregularities, like faulty coloring, shaping, sizing plus stitching

3) Reject or returns extensively damaged articles to originating department for repair

4) Inform supervisor regarding types of article defects or damage

5) Repair less extensive damage, performing any combination of following tasks

6) Trim excess material loose or protruding threads, using clippers or scissors

7) Remove spots or stains from article, using sponge water, and also brushes surface of hat to remove dust or foreign matter

8) Apply sizing solution to cover holes or thin spots, using dauber or brush

9) Resew loose stitches as well as size tags, using needle thread

10) Hang or stacks hats caps on rack or on table for packing

11) May be designated according to specific inspection function as Hat-Body Inspector hat as well as cap ; Hat-Cone Inspector hat plus cap ; Trimming Inspector hat cap

termination of employment...wage...hours of work...
meal intervals...sunday work...public holidays...
annual leave...sick leave...maternity leave...
family responsibility leave...deductions from remuneration...accommodation leave...
special details...
employer signature...employee signature...signature date...

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