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Chocolate Finisher Job Contract

Chocolate Finisher Job Contract Template
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Chocolate Finisher Job Contract

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Job Title / Position: Chocolate Finisher

Job Duties and Responsibilities - are to:

1) Operate refining machines equipped with rollers to grind chocolate paste in accordance with specifications

2) Start conveyor to feed chocolate into refiner hoppers

3) Feel consistency of chocolate in hoppers for defining grinding required

4) Turn handwheels on machine to adjust clearance between rollers

5) Open hopper starts machine that feeds chocolate between rollers of refining machine

6) Observe thermometer or feels rollers turns water valves to obtain specified temperature of rollers

7) Examine, feels, and also tastes ground chocolate paste to ascertain if color, texture, and also taste meet standards

8) Collect sample of paste for laboratory analysis

9) May observe flowmeters turn valves to measure out cocoa butter, vegetable oil, and also other ingredients, according to formula, and also to fortify chocolate in mixing tanks

10) May scoop refined chocolate paste into wheeled troughs or barrels

11) May weigh transport barrels to cold storage rooms, using handtruck

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