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Winding machine Operator Job Cover Letter
tends electrically powered machine that winds wire, under tension, around rotating steel cylinders to form reinforced cores for concrete pipe. signals overhead crane operator (any industry) 921.663-010 to position cylinders between chucks of machine. pulls levers to engage secure cylinder in chucks. signals welder, arc (welding) 810.384-010 to weld end of wire to cylinder. starts machine to wind wire on cylinder when signaled by tensioning-machine operator (concrete prod.) 616.665-010. signals ...

Supervisor Gelatin Plant Job Cover Letter
supervises coordinates activities of workers engaged in processing skins, splits, and also trimmings to produce gelatin. directs workers engaged in chopping, washing, liming plus cooking of stock, according to procedures specified for type of raw material in process. estimates weight of stock in vats specified amount of lime to be used in cooking. performs other duties as described under supervisor (any industry) master title....

Car Checker Job Cover Letter
inspects railroad cars for structural defects tests mechanical equipment, like brakes, airhoses, and also couplings to make sure that they are in operating condition. observes cars from elevated platform or from ground as cars roll by, or climbs aboard train to test equipment to locate defects. examines car roofs, ice hatches, brake beams, doors and additionally floors for structural defects obstructions. turns handwheel to test brakes ascertain that they are in operating condition. inspects...

Hydrostatic Tester Job Cover Letter
inspects gas cylinders to detect surface defects tests elasticity of cylinder walls. removes valve from cylinder, using wrench or valve-removal machine inspects exterior interior of cylinder to detect dirt, rust scale, dents plus arc burns. fills cylinder with water, seals cylinder immerses cylinder in water-filled jacket, using chain hoist. screws fittings turns valve or starts pump to create pressure that expands cylinder wall. compares pressure gauge or burette reading with specifications...

Disposal plant Operator Job Cover Letter
operates sewage treatment, sludge processing, and also disposal equipment in wastewater (sewage) treatment plant to control flow processing of sewage. monitors control panels plus adjusts valves gates manually or by remote control to regulate flow of sewage. observes variations in operating conditions & interprets meter as well as gauge readings tests results for defining load requirements. starts stops pumps, engines, and also generators to control flow of raw sewage through filtering...

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