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Mechanic Marine Engine Cover Letter Template
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Dear Ms. Smith:

This is to express my interest in - Mechanic Marine Engine - position advertised on June 13, 2014; My resume is enclosed for your review. Given my closely experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job. My work experience and duties are an ideal match for this position and cover all Job Requirements.

Your Requirements:

"Expert Mechanic Marine Engine with at least 2 years of experience, excellent covers all position duties"

My Matching Experience:
For 3 years I Worked As Mechanic Marine Engine, My Responsibilities were to:

    Supervise and coordinates activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines other engines, boilers, deck machinery, and electrical, refrigeration, and sanitary equipment aboard ship

    Inspect engines and other equipment orders crew to repair or replace defective parts

    Start engines to propel ship & regulates engines power transmission to control speed of ship

    Stand engine-room watch during specified periods, observing that required water levels are maintained in boilers, condensers, and evaporators, load on generators is within acceptable limits, and oil grease cups are kept full

    Repair machinery, using handtools power tools

    Maintain engineering log and bell book orders for changes in speed direction of ship

    May be required to hold appropriate U.S

    Coast Guard license, depending upon tonnage of ship, type of engines, and means of transmitting power to propeller shaft

    When more than one Engineer is required, may be designated Engineer, Chief ; Engineer, First Assistant ; Engineer, Second Assistant ; Engineer, Third Assistant

    May be designated according to ship assigned as Barge Engineer ; Cannery-Tender Engineer ; Engineer, Fishing Vessel ; Tugboat Engineer

    May be designated Cadet Engineer when in training.

I appreciate your time taken to review my credentials and experience.

I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Lot of thanks for your consideration and care.

Flori Rothenberg

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