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Cooker Syrup Employment Contract
tends equipment to mix ingredients that produce syrups used in canned fruits preserves, flavorings, frozen novelty confections, or non-alcoholic beverages. determines amounts of ingredients, like sugar, water plus flavoring, required for specified quantity of syrup of designated specific gravity, using sugar concentration dilution charts. opens valve to admit liquid sugar & water into mixer, or dumps crystalline sugar into mixer admits water. adds flavoring ingredients starts mixer to make...

Solvent plant Operator Employment Contract
tends solvent extraction equipment that extracts oil from rice bran, soybeans, and also cottonseeds. observes temperature plus steam pressure gauges, flowmeters & ammeters plus turns valves or handwheels to regulate temperature flow of material in equipment within specified limits. tests samples of material for conformity to plant standards, using scales, moisture meter and additionally hydrometer, or by titration. records indicator readings test results. may clean filter plates of extract...

Sponger Employment Contract
20643) SPONGER
trims as well as smooths edges surfaces of greenware preparatory to bisque firing. trims excess clay from ware. positions circular pieces, like plates cups, in center of whirler. starts whirler revolving as well as moves various-shaped knives over ware surface, following contours of piece, to remove rough spots mold marks. smooths ware surfaces, using abrasive cloth, felt, and also moist sponge. may be designated according to type of ware finished as flatwork finisher (pottery porc.). ma...

Cloth dry can Operator Employment Contract
tends drying cans that dry cloth following processes, like washing, desizing, or finishing. positions truck of folded cloth at feed-end of machine. pins cloth end to preceding bolt or sews ends together with sewing machine. turns valve to admit steam into revolving cans that dry fabric as fabric is drawn around between cans. moves lever to regulate speed of revolving cans to adjust drying time according to cloth thickness. turns wheel to change cloth tension according to type or style of fabric...

Component Assembler Employment Contract
assembles manufactured building as well as travel trailer components, like sinks, cabinets, closets, counters, doors, and also partitions, using hand power tools. obtains precut parts subassemblies specified on parts list. positions precut parts & subassemblies on worktable according to blueprint specifications or assembly instructions examines joints to make sure snug fit. applies glue to parts, using brush or spray gun, and also fastens parts together to form component, using staple gun...

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