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1) Electrician marine Employment Contract

electrician marine employment contract

Roles And Duties:

installs as well as repairs wiring, fixtures, and also equipment for all electrical services aboard ship plus in shipyard facilities, following blueprints wiring diagrams. installs conduit to bulkheads with brackets screws, using handtools plus threads wires through conduit to terminals, like connection boxes, circuit breakers, voltage regulators plus switch panels. strips insulation from wire ends & solders ends to terminals, using stripping pliers soldering iron. connects power-supply...

2) Truckload checker Employment Contract

truckload checker employment contract

Roles And Duties:

examines records materials transported by truck to or from site of excavation. examines load delivered to verify quantity type of material. writes ticket showing quantity type of material, truck number, job location and additionally time. reports on amount of materials transported. may signal driver in aligning spacing loads according to specifications. may hammer stakes in ground to indicate place for unloading of materials....

3) Hydraulic rubbish compactor mechanic Employment Contract

hydraulic rubbish compactor mechanic employment contract

Roles And Duties:

installs as well as repairs hydraulic rubbish compactors, using tools equipment. installs new compactors, utilizing knowledge of electrical wiring plus hydraulic-pneumatic functions & using handtools power tools. diagnoses hydraulic mechanical malfunctions of compactors for defining required repairs. adjusts, replaces, or repairs faulty hydraulic units, like pistons, cylinders, and also conveyors. installs or replaces damaged shafts, guards, casings, and also metal frame of compactor un...

4) Brusher Employment Contract

brusher employment contract

Roles And Duties:

inspects finished or partially finished hats, caps, hat parts, and also millinery for defects damage, and also repairs less extensive flaws. examines articles for irregularities, like faulty coloring, shaping, sizing plus stitching. rejects or returns extensively damaged articles to originating department for repair. informs supervisor regarding types of article defects or damage. repairs less extensive damage, performing any combination of following tasks. trims excess material loose or protr...

5) Pump servicer Employment Contract

pump servicer employment contract

Roles And Duties:

repairs pumps as well as pump power units, like centrifugal plus plunger-type pumps, and also diesel-engine, gasoline-engine, and also electric-motor power units, using hoists handtools. diagnoses trouble in pumps. dismantles pumps repairs or replaces defective parts, using handtools. tests performances of repaired pumps. may wire motor to switchboard install fuse box. may be designated according to type of pump repaired as water-pump servicer (any industry)....

6) Clean rice broker Employment Contract

clean rice broker employment contract

Roles And Duties:

coordinates rice buying as well as milling operations with demand plus sells clean (milled) rice on domestic foreign markets. contacts prospective purchasers, sends or displays samples of grades varieties of rice offered for sale, states selling price plus arranges sales. ascertains from orders, quantity varieties of rice required and additionally notifies buyers purchasing rice from growers. prepares instructions for operating personnel of lots of rice to be milled as well as sequence ...

7) Manufacturing applications engineer Employment Contract

manufacturing applications engineer employment contract

Roles And Duties:

plans, designs, and also coordinates integration of machinery as well as equipment into manufacturing process of industrial establishment, applying knowledge of engineering programming, and also using computer, precision-measuring instruments, and also drafting tools. develops plus writes equipment specifications, performance requirements, cost analysis plus proposal for integrating machinery & equipment, such as robots, robot controllers plus programmable controllers into manufacturi...

8) Motor vehicles and supplies sales representative Employment Contract

motor vehicles and supplies sales representative employment contract

Roles And Duties:

sells motor vehicles, like automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, and also trucks, and also parts as well as supplies, like batteries, tires, motors, chassis parts, tools, equipment, and also lubricants, to dealers service stations. confers with dealer reviews sales records to define number of vehicles to order. advises customer in methods of increasing sales volume, utilizing knowledge of sales promotion techniques. performs other duties as described under sales representative (retail trade; w...

9) Press box custodian Employment Contract

press box custodian employment contract

Roles And Duties:

verifies credentials of patrons desiring entrance into press-box permits only authorized persons to enter. runs errands for patrons of press-box, performing such duties as obtaining refreshments, carrying news releases plus placing wagers....

10) Narrator Employment Contract

narrator employment contract

Roles And Duties:

makes explanatory comments to accompany action parts of motion picture. reads from script speaks into microphone as film is being projected, timing comments to fit action portrayed. ...

11) Digester cook helper Employment Contract

digester cook helper employment contract

Roles And Duties:

feeds wood chips soda ash or acid into digester that processes wood chips into pulp. unbolts plus removes digester cover, using wrench chain hoist. lowers feed pipe into digester, using hoist and additionally pushes button or turns handwheel to load digester with wood chips. pushes control panel button or turns valve to admit specified quantities of soda ash or acid into digester. may remove cover blow steam from digester at completion of cooking cycle. may tend conveyors that convey chips ...

12) Softball core molder Employment Contract

softball core molder employment contract

Roles And Duties:

forms softball cores, using heated presses. weighs loose wad of kapok, rags, or paper on scale stuffs specified amount into heated press. turns wheel to close press mold softball core. removes molded core from press after specified period wraps with cord to hold core together until wound. may shape as well as cure vinyl dipped softballs, using rolling machine heated molding press....

13) Director chemical laboratory Employment Contract

director chemical laboratory employment contract

Roles And Duties:

plans directs activities of chemical laboratory in industrial, research, governmental, or other organization. plans, coordinates plus directs programs for research, product development, improvement of manufacturing processes; or for analysis plus testing of substances to support criminal investigations, to detect toxins, or to verify composition of manufactured agricultural products plus natural resources, like air, soil plus water. coordinates research analysis activities according to...

14) Hand stone polisher Employment Contract

hand stone polisher employment contract

Roles And Duties:

grinds as well as polishes stone to smooth or lustrous finish, using portable grinding polishing tool. selects abrasive wheel according to type of stone, finish specified, or step in finishing process plus attaches wheel to tool, using wrench. wets stone surface, using hose and additionally guides rotating wheel over stone to smooth surface. washes grit from stone, using hose. moves hand over stone surface to detect uneven areas. spreads emery powder or other polishing compound on stone, atta...

15) Lumber inspector Employment Contract

lumber inspector employment contract

Roles And Duties:

inspects grades milled, rough-sawed, or dimensional stock lumber according to standards. examines lumber on table, moving belt, chain conveyor, or in racks for defects, like knots, stains, decay, splits, faulty edges, pitch pockets, wormholes plus defective milling. grades lumber, using caliper rule, to make sure specified dimensions. marks lumber to indicate grade processing instructions, using marker. tallies pieces of lumber according to grade board footage. may determine cuts to be made t...

16) Transit mix operator Employment Contract

transit mix operator employment contract

Roles And Duties:

drives truck equipped with auxiliary concrete mixer to deliver concrete mix to job sites. drives truck under loading hopper to receive sand, gravel, cement plus water starts mixer. drives truck to location for unloading. moves levers on truck to release concrete down truck chute into wheelbarrow or other conveying container or directly into area to be poured with concrete. cleans truck after delivery to prevent concrete from hardening in mixer as well as on truck, using water hose hoe. may s...

17) Dry folder cloth Employment Contract

dry folder cloth employment contract

Roles And Duties:

tends machine that smooths folds knitted tubing as tubing unwinds from rolls. puts roll of tubing on turning rod of machine. threads end of tubing over supporting rolls of machine, through steam rolls and additionally through feed rolls which pull tubing over spreader through steam rolls. turns crank to adjust height of folding table located under rolls. starts machine as well as observes as tubing travels through rolls which move back plus forth on carriage deposit tubing in folds onto t...

18) Instant potato processor Employment Contract

instant potato processor employment contract

Roles And Duties:

controls equipment to process potatoes into instant potato granules. reads laboratory reports to stay apprised of laboratory test results of potato samples taken during processing. observes lights, gauges and additionally meters on panelboard controls for defining temperature readings of equipment, like precookers, precoolers, cookers and additionally driers. turns dials on panelboard to maintain operating temperature ranges as required to meet company standards. flips switches presses buttons ...

19) Group leader printed circuit board quality control Employment Contract

group leader printed circuit board quality control employment contract

Roles And Duties:

assists supervisor, printed circuit board assembly (electron. comp.) 726.134-010 in coordinating activities of workers engaged in inspecting, testing plus repairing printed circuit boards (pcbs), applying knowledge of electronic theory, test procedures, repair techniques plus quality standards. confers with supervisor, printed circuit board assembly (electron. comp.), and also reviews production schedules to define quantity type of pcbs to be inspected, tested, or repaired. compiles list of tes...

20) Zinc plating machine operator Employment Contract

zinc plating machine operator employment contract

Roles And Duties:

tends machine that coats wire electrolytically with zinc to protect wire surface from corrosion. mixes zinc solution according to specified formula turns valves to fill tank with solution. threads wire through machine sets rheostat to regulate flow of current through solution. starts machine to pull wire through solution. examines surface of wire for defects, like bubbles or bare spots, and also measures thickness of coating, using micrometer. adjusts controls to regulate speed of reel flow o...

21) Driver starting gate Employment Contract

driver starting gate employment contract

Roles And Duties:

steers vehicle equipped with rear folding barrier (gate) that allows alignment positioning of horses abreast of gate prior to official start of sulky (harness) race. accepts control of vehicle acceleration from horse-race starter (amuse. rec.) 153.267-010 who simultaneously actuates folding of gate at starting point of race. drives vehicle off track to clear path for race....

22) Cabin equipment supervisor Employment Contract

cabin equipment supervisor employment contract

Roles And Duties:

supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in repairing overhauling aircraft cabin fixtures. reads schedules to plan work sequences plus assigns workers to duties, like disassembling & repairing passenger seats, flight attendant buffets, cargo containers, cutting carpeting, upholstery material plus leather as well as plastic paneling, reconditioning seat belts and other safety equipment; and sewing drapes slip covers. performs other duties as described under su...

23) Cnc machinist Employment Contract

cnc machinist employment contract

Roles And Duties:

liaise with internal sales, engineering, procurement, planning, manufacturing quality as necessary to insure that the project progress is maintained. set up plus maintain project documentation like scope of supply, engineering design & document releases, registers, cost control sheet project schedule. report sales order work orders to the aftermarket manager or aftermarket project manager. generate assist in customer reports on a regular basis as required by the customer and/or the proje...

24) Traffic clerk Employment Contract

traffic clerk employment contract

Roles And Duties:

records incoming outgoing freight data, like destination, weight, route-initiating department, and also charges. ensures accuracy of rate charges by comparing classification of materials with rate chart. may keep file of claims for overcharges for damages to goods in transit....

25) Reserve operator Employment Contract

reserve operator employment contract

Roles And Duties:

operates sewing machines to join garment parts. guides garment parts under needle or needles to join parts, following markings, aligning edges plus distributing fullness. performs duties as described under sewing-machine operator, regular equipment (any industry) master title. may substitute for absent workers or assist workers temporarily behind in production....

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