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Why Employers Need Perfect Job Descriptions For Jobs

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The job description defines for a long time what you expect as an employer from an employee, in a specific function within the organization. Describe functions as an employer? That serves a number of different purposes. For example, it provides insight into tasks, roles, duties and responsibilities and the most important results that an employee will have to achieve. It provides clarity about the place within the organization and which (job requirements) are important. However, that clarity for the organization is not everything. There are still 5 important goals for a good job description.

Other purposes of the job description

By describing functions you create clarity within your own organization. For your own managers, just like for the employees who hold the various positions. Of course, the functions are probably continuously developing and changes are taking place. Yet for the following 5 reasons it is wise to draw up clear job descriptions:
- Basis for recruitment and selection
- Tool for the planning interview
- Tool for the Personal Development Plan
- Tool for determining training and development needs
- Basis for job evaluation
- Basis for recruitment and selection
- The job description forms an important basis for recruitment and selection. As a starting point for the vacancy text and to indicate which candidate or candidates you are looking for. Moreover, it can help you as an employer during the applications, to test the key qualities of the candidates.

Tip: use the job description for recruitment and selection? Check it for accuracy. Look critically at the tasks, responsibilities and intended results mentioned. Look at the role within the organization, the required knowledge and experience.

Note : it appears that adjusting the job description makes the vacancy disappear? Make sure that other job descriptions are adjusted, to make everything up-to-date again.

Tool for the planning interview

Secondly, the job description is a useful tool during a planning interview. To be able to prepare for it better. About the results and competences to be able to fulfill the function. Derived from the goals of the organization or department. Make agreements on the basis of the required competences and knowledge, as described in the job description.

Tool for the Personal Development Plan

Many employees struggle to draw up a Personal Development Plan. The own job description can serve as inspiration. Just like someone else's, in a position that the employee aspires. Based on current differences, it is possible to define concrete actions such as training, training, specific assignment or activities.

Tool for determining training and development needs

The job description can be an aid in identifying training and development needs. The working method corresponds to that for the Personal Development Plan. It is especially important to describe the 'gap' between the desired results and the current situation. By indicating to be more customer-oriented. And then to add a specific education or training.

Basis for job evaluation

Finally, the job description can form the basis for the job evaluation. By describing functions simply and transparently, the position within the organization becomes clear. For an objective and just ranking.

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