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10 Tips For Getting A Job Quickly

Unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs as a result of crisis, budget cuts and other measures. There are currently many unemployed people in the Netherlands and it is therefore difficult to find a new job quickly. The competition is fierce and there are few vacancies. We have 10 tips so hopefully you can get back to work quickly with a new job.

10. Send open application letters

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Do not just write down vacancies but also send an open application. Many companies only start an application procedure if they can not find suitable candidates in the first instance. The application procedure for a company costs money and time so you can increase the chances of a new job by sending open applications. Do not forget to make a call to the relevant company after your open application.

9. Voluntary work

If you do not get a job and stay at home for a long time, it is advisable to stay active. A gap on your CV is not good and volunteering keeps you motivated. In addition, you come into contact with many people and it gives satisfaction. Try to find volunteer work that fits with your profession. It is a big mistake that voluntary work is 'simple work'. The board or supervisory board of an association or foundation often consists of volunteers. These functions are good on your CV.

Preparing job interview

Once you have been invited for a job interview, it is important to prepare yourself as well as possible. Read about the history of the company and recent developments. This way you can find out what atmosphere there is in the company and use this in your job interview. For your application it is advisable to do research on your discussion partner. How old is your interlocutor and what interests does he / she have? Consider how you want to start the conversation and what tone you want to give to the conversation.

7. Social media

Almost all employers view their applicants on social media like Facebook. Are there annoying messages on Twitter or drunken pictures on Facebook, then it is advisable to delete them. It is also possible to close your profile of strangers but social media can also have a positive influence on your application. So place a nice photo and make sure your training / work experience on Facebook has been updated.

6. A personal website

Employers can find you easier by building a personal website. By uploading your resume and adding a nice piece of text, employers can contact you via Google. In addition, an interactive CV also makes more of an impression and, through the placement of personal videos, you can sketch a good picture of yourself. Try to sell yourself via the internet.

5. Employment agencies

They have work and that is why it is always advisable to register with an employment agency. It is not a structural solution, but work is work.

4. Enthusiastic appearance / stand out

If you have found a vacancy try to get enthusiastic about it. It sounds easy, but there are many applicants who do not deal with this properly. Let your application letter know why you choose this company. What affinity do you have with the industry and what appeals to you to work at the company in question. These are questions that need to be answered in your application letter or during your job interview.

3. Knowledge up to date

Unemployment is currently high and it is therefore essential that your knowledge is up to date. Invest in courses so that you can demonstrate that you still have the latest knowledge.

2. Do an internship

If you have been trying to apply for months and this is not a success then it is a good idea to do an internship. An internship allowance is not a vetpot but it can help you to a full-fledged job. By offering yourself as a trainee you are very attractive to companies and you can prove yourself during the internship period.

1. Build your network

The best way to find a job is through your personal network. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job and also expand your network. This can be done via LinkedIn, but make sure that these are real contacts and not virtual links to each other. Visit drinks, trade shows and share your business cards. As soon as people are convinced of your story and qualities, you will soon be invited for job interviews. In addition, your immediate environment will tip and recommend you so you can quickly start your new job.