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Job Descriptions And Duties: Free Cover Letter Samples & Resume Writing Tips

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Cardiologist [Job Letter # JOB100402]

Duties: diagnoses as well as treats diseases of heart its functions. examines patient for symptoms indicative of heart disorders, using medical instruments equipment. studies diagnostic images electrocardiograph recordings to aid in making diagnoses. prescribes medications, and also recommends dietary activity program, as indicated. refers patient to surgeon (medical...

Caregiver [Job Letter # CV15369]

Duties: provide direct resident care while promoting resident dignity independence choice. regularly observe residents physical mental conditions. report changes to the health services director expressions coordinator or executive director. assist with adls; taking vital signs as well as weights plus accurately documenting care services provided and observations on co...

Caretaker [Job Letter # JOB200560]

Duties: performs any combination of following duties in keeping private home clean in good condition. cleans dusts furnishings, hallways plus lavatories. beats & vacuums rugs scrubs them with cleaning solutions. washes windows as well as waxes polishes floors. removes hangs draperies. shovels coal into furnace removes ashes. replaces light switches repairs broken s...

Carpenter [Job Letter # CV14024]

Duties: perform the full range of carpentry techniques in repairing, constructing, altering as well as maintaining wood/wood substitute component of buildings structures. plan compete projects from initial layout of final assembly or installation. select lumber, materials and additionally supplies required to complete assigned work. work from drawings, sketches, blue prin...

Caseworker [Job Letter # CV156982]

Duties: explore the methods for investigation prosecution of child abuse. responsible for assessment, resource development, program deployment, impact evaluation plus program refinement, as related to various grants programs. responsible for case program management for a variety of programs within the family services department. maintain appearance standards as outlined in po...

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