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Group supervi [Job Letter # 899133010]

Duties: supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in cleaning plus maintenance of industrial buildings grounds. inspects work areas to define type of work required plus materials equipment to be used. directs workers in projects, like construction of ditches & roadways grading drainage areas. operates equipment, like bulldozers as well as gr...

Group work program aide [Job Letter # JOB101416]

Duties: leads group work activities, as directed by agency program staff. receives instructions from program director, group work (profess. kin.) 187.117-046 or group worker (social ser.) 195.164-010 prior to initiating therapeutic group activities. plans program details to meet needs interests of individual members. interests participants in various activities, like arts ...

Group work program director [Job Letter # JOB101208]

Duties: plans, organizes, and also directs activity program of group work agency or department, or scouting organization. coordinates activities of program committees other groups to plan procedures. studies & analyzes member community needs for basis of program development. directs selection as well as training of staff volunteer workers. assigns work as well as eva...

Group worker [Job Letter # JOB101410]

Duties: organizes leads groups, like senior citizens, children, and also street gangs, in activities that meet interests of individual members. develops recreational, physical education plus cultural programs for various age groups. demonstrates & instructs participants in activities, like active sports, group dances games, arts, crafts and additionally dramatics. organiz...

Grouper [Job Letter # JOB405404]

Duties: groups (interleaves) specified number of positive as well as negative plates separators, and also places stack on conveyor leading to burning (welding) station. moves materials about work area, using handtruck....

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