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Job Descriptions And Duties: Free Cover Letter Samples & Resume Writing Tips

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Boat loader helper [Job Letter # 911687010]

Duties: assists boat loader (water trans.) i to pump liquid cargo, like petroleum, gasoline, heating oil, sulfuric acid, and also alum liquor, from as well as into barges tankers. catches mooring hawsers ties them around dock posts to secure vessels. couples hoses to valves on ships tanks turns handwheels to open or close valves. removes lines from vessels casts off haw...

Boat mechanic [Job Letter # JOB403117]

Duties: repairs as well as adjusts electrical mechanical equipment of gasoline- or diesel-powered inboard or inboard-outboard boat engines, using handtools, power tools, and also electrical testing meters. starts motor listens to its sound to define causes of trouble. tests motor for conformance to manufacturers specifications, using electrical testing meters. dismantles ...

Boat oar maker [Job Letter # JOB406001]

Duties: performs carpentry necessary to cut shape oars, using special planes, drawknives, and also other handtools. clamps oar in vise. shapes blade, loom (shaft from handle to blade) and additionally handle, trimming edges rounding corners according to specified dimensions. smooths sands surface preparatory to varnishing or painting. usually identifies work with personal ...

Boat outfitter [Job Letter # 806684146]

Duties: installs parts, like hatches, marine hardware, metal trim, seats, cabinets, and also windshields on fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden boats, using handtools portable power tools. locates marks position of hardware, seats plus other parts according to specifications, using rule, template plus marking device. cuts or grinds mounting bases or brackets, using portable ele...

Boat outfitting supervisor [Job Letter # 806131018]

Duties: supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in outfitting installing engines in fiberglass boats. trains plus assists workers in performance of tasks, like installing engines outfitting boats with such fixtures as metal trim, seats plus windshields. inspects engine placement for conformance to specifications, using rulers levels. rubs finger...

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