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Crimp setter [Job Letter # JOB403902]

Duties: tends steam-heated machine that sets crimp in synthetic fibers used in high-bulk yarns. lifts cans of sliver onto loading track of machine, by hand or using hoist. starts machine that automatically loads, steams, vacuum dries and additionally unloads sliver. removes cans of sliver from track on delivery side of machine. feels sliver to define if moisture has been remo...

Crimper [Job Letter # JOB402228]

Duties: tends machine that folds as well as presses garment parts, like collar bands, pockets, and also pocket flaps, to shape prepare parts for sewing, using either of following methods. (1) positions part in heated die on bed of machine. depresses pedal to start machine that automatically lowers upper die onto garment part & into lower die, releases steam from lower di...

Crimper assembler [Job Letter # 809684010]

Duties: performs any combination of following assembly line tasks to assemble structural parts, like metal sashes, doors, windows, and also window screens, using handtools portable power tools. assembles frame components, like tops, bottoms, sides, panels plus molding in jigs or fixtures. smooths edges of components to obtain specified fit, using grinder or file. punches or ...

Crimping machine operator [Job Letter # JOB402895]

Duties: sets up operates machine to crimp wire to specified shape. bolts specified crimping wheels into machine jaws, using wrench. threads end of coiled wire through straightening feed rollers into wire shaping machine. starts machine crimps sample wire of specified type. measures sample, using micrometers gauges, and also changes crimping wheels or adjusts tension of ma...

Crinkling machine operator [Job Letter # JOB400955]

Duties: operates machine to crinkle smooth-surfaced paper to form crepe paper. mounts stock roll on machine, using chain hoist. regulates flow of glue or laminate to pans steam to drying cylinders. starts machine as well as threads sheet through glue pan, feed rolls, creping (crinkling) roll blade, rolls that remove excess glue or laminate, drying cylinders, tension rolls...

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