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Brush loader and handle attacher [Job Letter # JOB405828]

Duties: attaches plastic handles to wire ends of brush heads to assemble household brushes. positions brush heads in fixtures attached to machine conveyor, following specified procedures. aligns ends of plastic brush handles with heated wire ends of brush heads on conveyor, pushes hollow end of handles against heated wires and additionally twists handles to secure brush heads...

Brush machine setter [Job Letter # JOB404434]

Duties: sets up as well as adjusts machines used to cut materials fabricate brushes. changes adjusts cutting blades, drills, feed mechanisms plus machine speeds according to specifications, using handtools. verifies adjustments, using fixed gauges. inspects machines for malfunction replaces worn or broken parts, using handtools. lubricates moving parts, using oilcan. may...

Brush maker machine [Job Letter # JOB405776]

Duties: tends machine that inserts secures bristles into ferrule to form paint brush heads. places bristles on feed belt stacks ferrules in vertical feeding magazine. starts machine, observes movement of bristles on belt and additionally taps bristles on belt with fingers to control level of bristles. turns wheel to position specified amount of bristles for brush head to f...

Brush material preparer [Job Letter # JOB405734]

Duties: prepares hog bristles other brush-filling materials, like horsehair, nylon, and also vegetable fibers for use in brushes. aligns bristles, for making sure that flagged ends are together plus discards defective bristles. ties bundle of bristles to prevent bending places it in rack. uses hoist to lower rack of bundles into vat of boiling water to remove natural curl o...

Brush operator [Job Letter # JOB402337]

Duties: tends machine that brushes foreign matter, like lint, strings, and also loose fibers from cloth. pins or sews end of cloth to leader. turns screws to adjust cloth tension pressure of brushes. starts machine observes operation to detect incomplete cleaning. may tend brushing machine with steaming attachment that sets cloth nap....

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