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Belt picker [Job Letter # 939687010]

Duties: removes lumps of slate, wood, wire, clay, or other impurities from extracted minerals passing on conveyor belt, picking table, or shaker screen. throws lumps of usable material into bins for further processing. routes impurities to disposal area. may assist in changing conveyor belts or screens repairing plant equipment....

Belt puncher [Job Letter # JOB404328]

Duties: tends machines that cut, punch, rivet, or staple parts to leather to make apparel belts. positions leather in machine. starts machine and additionally depresses pedal to cut leather into specified strips for body of belt or belt loops. places leather strip against guides in stapling or riveting machine or punch press. depresses pedal to punch buckle or tongue holes in...

Belt repairer [Job Letter # JOB403215]

Duties: repairs as well as replaces canvas, leather, or rubber belts used to drive machinery convey materials. examines belts for defects cuts out defective sections, using knife. cuts strip of unused belting material, using knife. clamps metal fasteners to ends of belt, using pincers, or splices ends of belt, using splicing machine. positions repaired belt on pulleys. ap...

Belt roller [Job Letter # 920685070]

Duties: tends machine that winds leather belting or shoelaces onto cardboard or wooden spool for shipment. mounts clamps roll of leather stripping on spindle of winding machine. slides empty spool onto winding axle and additionally threads leather between pressure rollers, under machine counter and additionally onto spool. starts machine that winds leather onto spool. observ...

Belt sander stone [Job Letter # JOB403794]

Duties: feeds as well as off bears automatic belt sanding machine that sands tops of sandstone table counter tops, assisted by coworker. pulls cart loaded with sandstone table plus counter tops to work area transfers stone from cart to roller conveyor. presses button to start sanding machine pushes stone tops from roller conveyor onto belt conveyor that carries stone u...

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