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Cell tender helper [Job Letter # JOB401529]

Duties: tends electrolytic cells to produce chlorine, caustic soda, and also hydrogen, performing any combination of following tasks under direction of cell tender (chemical). pulls positions current jumpers, connects jumper arms on circuits plus throws switches to cut cells out of service. disconnects brine, gas and additionally hydrogen lines, using wrenches, to prepare ce...

Cell tester [Job Letter # JOB401512]

Duties: adjusts anodes on electrolytic cells to regulate voltage, using handtools. attaches voltmeter wires to cell plus millivoltmeter wires to anode observes readings to define adjustments required. loosens locknut position nut, using wrenches, to lower anode until specified voltage reading is attained. records cell voltage readings before as well as after adjustments...

Cell tuber hand [Job Letter # JOB405340]

Duties: inserts finished dry cells in paper tubes attaches cover to complete assembly of dry cell batteries. places cell in tube positions cover over cell. positions tubed cell in hand-crimping press pulls lever to crimp top of tube over cover. inspects cell to detect faulty crimping places cell in tray....

Cell tuber machine [Job Letter # JOB404473]

Duties: tends machines that wrap dry cells in plasticized material as well as insert seal cells in paper tubes or metal sleeves, using any of following methods. (1) installs roll of plastic film in wrapping machine equipped with sealing unit. threads plastic film through feeding device to wrapping mechanism. starts machine feeds cells to machine. (2) tends tubing machine,...

Cellar hand [Job Letter # JOB402399]

Duties: performs any combination of following duties in various sections of tannery, like drying department, beam house, hide house, or tan house. cuts cord from hide bundles spreads hides on floor for processing. dumps tannery refuse, like skin & fat, in bin covers refuse with lime to prevent putrefaction. covers fleshy side of hides with lime solution to prevent putrefa...

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