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Electrician front [Job Letter # 962381014]

Duties: controls lighting equipment, like floodlamps, strip lights, and also spotlights from projection room front or backstage areas of theater to cast spotlight on stage performers. places spotlights in specified locations in theater connects wiring for lighting. moves spotlight to follow movements of performers with beam of light, according to instructions on prepared cu...

Electrician helper [Job Letter # 829684026]

Duties: assists electrician (ship-boat mfg.) in installing as well as repairing wiring, fixtures, and also equipment aboard ship in shipyard facilities. supplies electricians (ship-boat mfg.) with materials tools, using handtrucks, or by carrying material. measures & cuts pipe conduit to specified length, using steel tape hacksaw. threads conduit ends, using pipe threa...

Electrician helper automotive [Job Letter # 825684010]

Duties: assists electrician, automotive (automotive ser.) to repair automotive vehicle electrical equipment. disassembles electrical units, like starters generators, using handtools. removes replaces defective parts, like armatures, brushes and additionally wires. may lift motors generators, using mechanical hoist, and also move parts about repair shop, using handtruck. pe...

Electrician locomotive [Job Letter # 825281026]

Duties: installs as well as maintains electrical wiring plus equipment, like motors, generators, air-conditioning units, electrical outlets, and also lighting fixtures of railroad locomotives cars, streetcars, and also subway coaches. measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles plus installs conduits that connect to control panels junction boxes, using hacksaw, pipe bende...

Electrician maintenance [Job Letter # 829261018]

Duties: installs as well as repairs electrical systems, apparatus, and also electrical plus electronic components of industrial machinery and equipment, following electrical code, manuals, schematic diagrams, blueprints, and also other specifications, using handtools, power tools, and also electrical electronic test equipment. installs power supply wiring plus condui...

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