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Cargo and ramp services manager [Job Letter # JOB101108]

Duties: directs as well as coordinates, through subordinate supervisory personnel, air transport terminal cargo plus ramp activities to provide fast and efficient services for clients passengers. reviews data on incoming flights, like scheduled or estimated times of arrival or departure, destinations plus downline station stops plus air cargo passenger manifests in ...

Cargo checker [Job Letter # JOB200139]

Duties: compiles records of amount, kind, and also condition of cargo loaded on or unloaded from ship. verifies amount of cargo against lists compiled from bills of lading or shipping manifests. measures & records dimensions of cargo computes cubic feet required for stowage aboard ship. records condition of damaged cargo unloaded from ship. may prepare stowage plan showing...

Cargo gear mechanic [Job Letter # JOB200165]

Duties: receives, stores, and also issues supplies as well as equipment compiles records of supply transactions aboard ship. verifies that supplies received are listed on requisitions invoices. stores supplies equipment in storerooms. inventories supplies equipment at end of each voyage. compiles report of expenditures. may be designated according to department worked i...

Cargo inspector [Job Letter # JOB401075]

Duties: inspects crude as well as refined petroleum before after transfer from terminal tanks to ship tanks, to define if it meets prescribed standards. lowers sample container into ship tanks to obtain sample of oil residue into terminal tanks to sample oil, or opens bleeder valves on pipelines to obtain sample. determines amount & type of bottom sediment, water and ad...

Cargo vessel chief steward stewardess [Job Letter # JOB200740]

Duties: supervises coordinates activities of personnel in stewards department aboard cargo vessel. collaborates with cook, chief (water trans.) to plan menus. requisitions & purchases expendable equipment as well as subsistence sundry stores. receives, checks, and also issues stores. authorizes personnel to work overtime. estimates food costs per serving. compiles suppl...

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