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Job Descriptions And Duties: Free Cover Letter Samples & Resume Writing Tips

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Boxer [Job Letter # 920684010]

Duties: fabricates wooden crates or boxes, using woodworking handtools powered tools, and also packs such items as machinery, vehicles, or other large or odd-shaped products. reads blueprints, shipping notices plus other specifications plus inspects product to define size plus shape of container, materials to be used plus types of supports braces to be used. lays out dime...

Boxing and pressing supervisor [Job Letter # JOB406720]

Duties: supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting sorting bundles of knitted garments according to style preparatory to shipment. performs duties as described under supervisor (any industry) master title....

Boxing inspector [Job Letter # JOB406733]

Duties: examines garments after folding or boxing to detect imperfections, like shaded parts, holes, twisted straps, loose buttons, or open seams as well as to define if garments are folded boxed according to specifications. records type number of imperfections detected....

Brace end mainspring former [Job Letter # JOB405117]

Duties: bends brace end of watch mainspring to match inside of mainspring barrel, using hand bending tool. places brace end against pin in center of tool, using tweezers. turns clamp to secure brace end in tool manipulates tool handle to bend brace end to specified shape....

Bracelet and brooch maker [Job Letter # JOB405602]

Duties: assembles jewelry parts to form decorative articles, like bracelets brooches. joins parts attaches decorations, using gas torch, soldering iron, pick plus tweezers. sets stones forms settings, using pliers, gas torch, or soldering iron....

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